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Clinical Techniques

Stephan Schueler, MD, PhD

Stephan Schueler, MD, PhD

Prof. Stephan Schueler is a past president of ISHLT and of the ESCVS. He helped to set up both the Berlin Heart Centre, and a new centre in Dresden before moving to the Freeman Hospital, where he leads the Ventricular Assist Device Programme, which is the subject of this interview. Also shown are his implantation technique and an interview with one of his patients.

Video Assisted Thoracoscopic (VATS) Lobectomy following Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy

Induction chemoradiotherapy is a relative contraindication to VATS lobectomy due to oncological concerns. This video demonstrates a VATS lower lobectomy and radical systematic lymphadenectomy in a 53-year-old male who recurred locally following induction chemoradiotherapy.
Intraoperative view of a ventilation mode

Technical Options In Carinal Resection And Reconstruction

Tumors invading the tracheobronchial angle or the carina represent a challenge due to the complexity of airway reconstruction and management. Carinal resection, a complex and aggressive procedure for the treatment of these tumors, may be a safe approach for highly selected patients, in experienced centers with acceptable morbidity and mortality and good long-term survival.
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