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CTSNet is a not-for-profit corporation that depends upon corporate partners to help us extend and expand our capabilities and mission as the leading portal of educational tools and resources in the cardiothoracic specialty.

Key Points

  1. Cardiothoracic surgery is unique among medical specialties in having a single, collaborative Web resource that spans all of the major professional associations around the world. CTSNet has established itself as the premier electronic community and portal of information for cardiothoracic surgery.
  2. With the help of our sponsors, CTSNet has a proven track record in developing innovative and valuable Web-based educational materials.
  3. With the arrival of new medical Internet companies, CTSNet faces formidable competition for "eyeballs" of cardiothoracic surgical professionals. This brings to focus the need to properly support and fund our content sections so that CTSNet retains its status as the best Web portal for cardiothoracic surgeons.

Industry Partnerships With CTSNet

With just under 7 million page views and almost 1,000,000 sessions per month, CTSNet is one of the most highly trafficked professional medical sites on the Internet today. Our community of more than 33,000 medical professionals and thousands of other visitors come to us because of our commitment to providing the most innovative educational services, the most effective professional development tools, and the most reliable, up‐to‐date information available online for the cardiothoracic surgical community.

CTSNet depends upon the financial support of sponsors to maintain the community and to foster the development of new innovations. And we take our commitment to industry seriously by providing participating industry sponsors with the opportunity to have substantial input into the direction of CTSNet.

Cardiothoracic surgery is unique among medical specialties in having a single Web site that represents all the major professional societies around the world. This aspect of CTSNet ensures the most efficient use of your sponsorship dollars by delivering the highest quality educational content to a comprehensive, global online audience.

Sponsor Options: How Does Sponsorship of CTSNet Work?

CTSNet Sponsors typically support a particular Web‐based educational application or professional service available through CTSNet. Also, there may be an existing section or a new section that CTSNet and the sponsor jointly feel would be a valuable addition to the ever‐expanding repository of educational material that CTSNet delivers to its community. Sponsorship can also be non‐directed.

Based upon total amount of support (including the sponsorship of particular sections), Sponsors are recognized at three levels:

Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsorship is designed for companies wishing to develop a major presence through widespread participation in CTSNet and to share in the development of CTSNet as it shapes the way surgeons and industry interact in the Internet era. Founding Sponsors sit on the CTSNet Industry Round Table, which holds yearly strategy meetings with CTSNet Senior Executives to identify opportunities for industry involvement in CTSNet. Founding Sponsors also have the right of “first acceptance” for joint or exclusive sponsorship of new services and tools on CTSNet.

Sustaining Sponsors

Sustaining Sponsorship is ideal for companies wishing to participate in CTSNet, but without needing the in‐depth features of Founding Sponsorship.

Contributing Sponsors

Contributing Sponsorship provides an affordable means of participating in CTSNet and still being recognized as a sponsor.

Advantages to Becoming a CTSNet Sponsor

  • Position your company in front of the largest community of cardiothoracic surgeons in the world - You will be reaching our community of surgeons worldwide, and showing your support for the educational mission of CTSNet, the cardiothoracic surgeon's most trusted online information source.
  • Reach a worldwide community of cardiothoracic residents, the decision makers of tomorrow - You will be getting your message and your brand name out to the surgeons-in-training who will be the leaders of the profession tomorrow.
  • Build a reputation for support of our educational efforts, and help develop the depth of our community - You will be contributing to the growth of the most reliable and important source of information for the cardiothoracic professional available today. The strength of our profession and our community can be substantially enhanced through your support of CTSNet's ongoing educational efforts.
  • Position your products at the top of Google searches. Approximately 95% of products listed on CTSNet appear as the top first or second Google search for those products—almost always beating out a company’s own product Web pages.

Industry Forum Participation

Your company may also participate in the CTSNet Community through the Industry Forum, where you can help surgeons track advances in your products and services. Use the self-service tools in the Industry Forum to convey product specifications, basic science or physiology related to your products, tips and tricks, links to related articles, and other educational materials.

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A fast, effective, and easy way to communicate specific and timely information regarding new products and services is through advertising on CTSNet. CTSNet can assist you in determining which advertising locations will most effectively target your message to the most appropriate audience on CTSNet.

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