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Who can participate in CTSNet?

All cardiothoracic surgeons, including those in training, are invited to become participants of CTSNet. If you belong to a CTSNet Participating Organization, you already participate in CTSNet. We also invite any professional in a related field to join CTSNet as an Associate. Associates typically are anesthesiologists, cardiologists, perfusionists, physician assistants, nurses, data managers, and staff that support cardiothoracic surgery professional organizations or training programs.

What if my professional organization is not yet participating in CTSNet?

Qualified individuals may become participants or Associates of CTSNet if their professional organizations are not yet participating in the CTSNet Community. However, we encourage you to tell your professional organization about CTSNet or to join one of the CTSNet Participating Organizations.

How can I become a CTSNet participant?

There is no registration fee for participant or Associates. Simply fill out the CTSNet Participant Application Form and we will send you your CTSNet ID and password.

Why become a CTSNet Participant or Associate?

Being a Participating Organization of CTSNet allows an organization to offer its members:

  1. Integrated Content
    CTSNet integrates all the web content from Participating Organizations, journal and book collection and other pertinent sources through a Google Search appliance. This integration enables members of Participating Organizations to stay apprised not only of what’s happening within all CTS Participating Organizations, but stay at the leading edge of research, information, and opinions in the field.
  2. Powerful, Easy‐to‐Use Tools for Web Management
    The CTSNet toolkit allows Participating Organizations to manage their Web sites, create private archives of important documents (minutes, agendas, agreements, etc.), post events, send email communications, control document access, post public and private committee documents, and more through easy‐touse interfaces. The toolkit enables straightforward access to committee membership, document handling, document storage, and email tools. This toolkit helps organizations to participate in the CTSNet community.
  3. Sophisticated Content Management System
    CTSNet provides Participating Organizations access to an advanced Collage content management system to easily create, organize, and publish content on their Web sites.
  4. International Web‐based Community Participation
    CTSNet provides unique affiliation and collaboration with other professional organizations that share a common interest in research, professional information, member services, education, and better patient care in cardiothoracic surgery. Through the CTSNet community, the members of Participating Organizations receive unequalled access to information resources and an international audience of cardiothoracic surgeons and related medical professionals through the CTSNet Web site and monthly newsletter announcements.
  5. Participant Home Pages
    CTSNet provides each member of a Participating Organization a professional home page that contains pictures, contact information, and profile information. Membership in Participating Organizations and committee appointments are linked directly to the organization’s home page and committee’s home page. Member home pages are updated automatically once an organization edits them or informs CTSNet of changes in a member’s status.
  6. Single Sign‐On
    Single Sign‐On enables members to log in once and have access across the CTSNet journal collection and resources without needing to log on separately in each section.
  7. CTSNet e‐Commerce
    The CTSNet e‐Commerce system enables Participating Organizations to collect fees easily through a state‐of‐the‐art system, without any of the difficulties associated with setting up an independent e‐commerce system.
  8. Promotion of Cardiothoracic Surgery
    Through its Web sites and newsletters, CTSNet and Participating Organizations dedicate themselves to promoting and networking the cardiothoracic surgery community. Participating Organizations benefit directly from this mission by being able to provide their membership an innovative and state‐of‐the‐art online international community of diverse medical professionals. Organizations benefit by having their activities promoted widely through the CTSNet Web site and monthly newsletter.
  9. Professional Portfolio
    The CTSNet Professional Portfolio enables a platform for collecting materials required for certification and for professional development.
  10. Image Library
    The CTSNet Image Library enables community members to upload and access images illustrating a variety of surgical techniques.
  11. Learning Management System
    CTSNet provides state‐of‐the‐art tools for deploying and managing e‐learning modules for online instruction.
  12. Specialized Content Portals
    In response to suggestions from the community, CTSNet has developed three specialized content portals: Thoracic Surgery, Adult Cardiac Surgery, and Congenital Heart. These portals collect relevant information to each of these portals from among the nearly 800,000 pages of content on the CTSNet Web site.
  13. CTSNet Online Journal CME
    CTSNet has implemented its Online Journal CME program, which enables Participating Organizations that publish journals to award CME credit for reading journal articles and answering specially developed questions regarding selected journal articles.

CTSNet emphasizes customer service, especially for Participating Organizations. CTSNet provides superior support to organizational web developers, staff, and members as a major part of modest annual organization and member fees. Participating Organizations receive the following:

  1. Training of Organization Staff and Editors
    CTSNet devotes significant effort through detailed, easy‐to‐follow documentation, organization visits, and conference training sessions that enable organization staffs and editors to learn directly from highly knowledgeable CTSNet staff.
  2. Fast Reply to Member Inquiries
    CTSNet Support services reply rapidly with information regarding member user id, password management services, and member look‐up requests. CTSNet Support staff is unsurpassed in supporting the CTSNet community in researching queries readers have regarding content posted on CTSNet.
  3. Member Home Page Management Services
    CTSNet staff regularly revises member home pages to keep contact and profile information accurate and updated.
  4. Assistance with Web Site Administration
    CTSNet Support assists organizations in posting cardiothoracic surgery events, announcements, and information and provides first‐rate consultation on a variety of Web‐related projects.

The CTSNet technology infrastructure is among the most dependable anywhere. Participating Organizations benefit from receiving:

  1. Access to a Cost‐Effective Technology Infrastructure
    CTSNet provides a state‐of‐the‐art, cost‐effective technology infrastructure. Participating Organizations benefit directly from not having to incur the significant cost of purchasing and maintaining a secure and stable technology environment independently and not having to subcontract similar services with commercial vendors.
  2. Access to a Sophisticated, Secure Technology Infrastructure
    The CTSNet infrastructure is located in a private, dedicated cage within a secure offsite data center monitored 24/7/365 by onsite systems administrators. This cage is adjacent to cages leased by leading Web companies, such as Yahoo and Google. Multiple redundant OC12 connections to the major Internet backbone and burstable network bandwidth up to 10Mbs guarantee outstanding performance. CTSNet traffic is load‐balanced among three redundant web and application servers. Two dedicated database servers and a separate machine for Web‐traffic analysis, listserver software, and directory management guarantee a high level of performance. Data are stored within three RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) arrays (a total of 400 gigabytes of data capacity) and an additional 300 gigabytes of near‐line storage. Clustered multiprocessor Sun Servers (E220R) allow for high levels of traffic throughput. Managed firewall, intrusion detection, and managed data backup services feature rigorous patch level and expert rule set support. The CTSNet hardware architecture support includes redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESPA fire detection systems, closed‐circuit monitoring, card key/biometric access, 24‐hour guarded security and redundant air quality systems. The CTSNet offsite network infrastructure includes one of the largest and most robust virtual private network (VPN) platforms in the world, with over 20,000 fully managed customer end points built on a private and secured global backbone. CTSNet schedules routine on‐and off‐site data backup as an integral part of its recovery plan.
  3. Remarkable Uptime
    CTSNet Web sites have experienced a better than 99.9% uptime over the past 5 years.

Without additional fees, Participating Organizations currently have access to CTSNet’s core web application suite, including:

  1. Editors toolkit for website management
  2. Member home page management tools
  3. Public and private committee management tools
  4. Identity management (SunOne LDAP server)
  5. CTSNet organizational event posting and bulk emailing tools
  6. Google website searching
  7. Website usage statistics
  8. Apache web server
  9. Job board
  10. ColdFusion application servers
  11. Oracle and Sybase databases
  12. Collage content management system

In addition to the core application suite, additional software capability is available to Participating Organizations to use for modest additional fees by contract:

  1. Blast-emailing software
  2. Online survey tool
  3. Lyris ListManager listserv software
  4. Online examination tool
  5. Procedure (Operative) log tracker (European and US versions)
  6. Online submission tool for board certification
  7. Training program tools
  8. CTSNet e‐Commerce Service

Publication Date: 1-Apr-2009
Last Modified: 18-Jun-2012

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